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    Importing Photos copying to "Pictures"


      I was using LR 4 overseas on a notebook with external drive. Both died. Managed to get photos off ex drive before extinction and transfer to D:\dive photos\. Bought LR 5 and created a new catalog in D:\Lightroom Catalog\. My c:\ drive is a SSD and quite small. When I try to import my dive photos to new catalog it seems to be putting a copy in "pictures" which is of course on "c:\". This quickly fills c:\ and import stalls. I noticed it does bring metadata with photos as my large keyword list starts to come in with photos. I want this list as it is a classification list of sea slugs that took hours to develop. How can I stop LR copying the photos to "Pictures"?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After clicking Import don't use "Copy" use "Add" if you intend to keep the D drive connected when using LR.


          Navigate to the dive photos folder to add to LR (at existing location)

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            adderx Level 1

            Sorry but I don't understand your answer. D:\ is a 2TB internal HDD drive on my home box. I selected a days shoot from my import dialog and clicked import. It did the same thing and this time finished operation which it had not done before as the larger import filled the C:\ drive. It also did not show previews only grey boxes marked .dng files. I am importing raw .cr2 files. There are also .xmp (4k) files in the dir that I am importing from.

            I have also looked at import options and cant find anything checked that points towards "pictures". I also checked that the photos do actually exist. So now I have 2 problems 1/ Photos copied to "pictures" 2./ No previews.  Help!

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              adderx Level 1

              Got it thanks...Doh!

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Sorry I referred to external but the same applies to internal. If you have created a new catalog you need to import using “Add” not “Copy” then there is no need to select the C drive or any destination in the right hand panel of the import dialog.


                The real question is why you started a new catalog? It would have been prefereable to open a backup (assuming you have one) and then re-connect the files with the new location.

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                  adderx Level 1

                  Hi, I lost the catalog dir when the notebook died but had the photos backed up on the external. I also have the originals stored elsewhere but I wanted to use those with the tags as I had taken days to identify and classify and select best of 10000 + nudibranch (sea slug) photos and didn't want to do it again.