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    peer ID generation / stratus integration

    Syberkitten Level 1

      being an entrepreneur and a web developer, i'm interested in planning ahead possible stratus integration
      with other application servers/web servers.

      Therefore, I would like to address the following few questions to the Stratus dev team:

      1. what means would it be possible to communicated with the stratus server, from another server?
      (an api? a class library? c++ extension like in fms?)

      2. would it be possible to generate via the stratus server, pre-generated peer ID's, that could
      later be assigned to clients? (this should allow a preservation of a session state for users who disconnect)

      3. what other if not the above way will there be to preserver client session (peer ID) in cases of disconnection?
      (re-assignning a new peer ID every disconnect or session loss would hurt state management for larger applications)

      i have many more questions, but these few will suffice as a starter... :)

      thx in advance