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    My Themes on Kuler

      Hello everyone!

      Thankyou for taking the time to read this, I certainly hope you won't be disappointed. I am here to advertise my works on Kuler. I try to work with more earthy tones, the colors I have on Kuler are almost all from images of nature and natural settings. I do try to go both ways, so to speak, and use colors that are more bright and eye-catching, but my specality in art is working with more natural colors.

      On another note, I would like to thank National Geographic for providing me with the inspirtaion to find beauty in nature. Our world is a beautiful place, and I personally am hell-bent on showing people. ^_^ (laughs)

      If anyone so wishes, simply reply to this post with the name of a color theme, and I will reply with a link to the image I used. Also, I must press that any and all images I have used are used in compliance with the "free-use" Copyright policy.