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    Working with fastest project settings

    Alexander Eberhard Level 1

      I'd like to get out the most of my system, which is:

      i7 4790, 4 core

      32 RAM

      GTX 970 4 GB

      1 SSD or OS/CC

      1 SSD Media files

      1 SSD Cache / Preview

      1 HDD for exports


      Here are my current setting I am asking to review:



      - Texture Memory: 3000 MB

      - Ray-tacing: GPU

      - Enable untested, unsupported GPU..." is marked (AE give me a warning after that)


      Media & Disk Cache

      - Disk Cache enabled (max. 40 GB) to SSD Cache / Preview

      - Conformed Media Cache (Database an Cache to SSD Cache / Preview)



      - 24 RAM available for AE


      Are there any other performance setting possible?

      There a no more setting for CPU/multicore setup in AE CC 2015?


      Feedback is much appreciated.