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    Search for broken links to images

      Is there an efficient way to search for broken links to images?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there

          I'm not sure if you are meaning to ask about links inside topics that point to images that you are popping up or linking to outright or if instead, you mean that some of the images that are supposed to be displayed inside topics are maybe missing and you wish to know about them.

          One easy way to spot a missing image reference is by using the Project Manager. Not sure if you are using RoboHelp 7, 8 or older here, but if on 7 or 8 look in the Project Manager pod. Otherwise it will be found on the left panel of the application. Expand the Images pseudo folder and quickly scan the list of images and expand sub folders inside. Any missing image should be listed with a red x to indicate the status. You may then examine the image properties to see which topic(s) is/are still referencing it.

          Cheers... Rick