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    Why can't I use Helvetica Neue LT Std font?


      I'm unable to access Helvetica Neue LT Std font to edit PDFs.  I'm using a PC.  Does that have anything to do with it?

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          sukritd15 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          Could you please be more descriptive with the issue?

          What happens when you use this font pack?

          What Acrobat version are working on?

          Also tell the OS you work on.



          Sukrit Dhingra

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            Bo LeBeau Level 4

            Do you have Helvetica Neue LT Std installed on your computer?

            You can only edit PDFs using the fonts that are installed on your computer.

            Fonts that are embedded in a PDF are not used for editing.


            For clarification see Dov Isaacs answer in this post: Re: Fully embedding fonts in PDF


            His comment: . . .Acrobat never uses the embedded font for text editing - you must have the font installed on the system in order to do such edits. (emphasis added)

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Since my name was used in this thread ...  


              Bo is absolutely correct. Unless the font you wish to edit with is actually installed on your system, there is no way for Acrobat to allow editing of text that uses that font, regardless of whether or how much of the font is embedded in the PDF file itself. There are both technical and legal issues associated with this, neither of which can be quickly explained here.


              Since I do have Helvetica Neue LT Std installed on my computer systems, I did try using Acrobat's text edit function to edit text with various faces of the Helvetica Neue LT Std family. No problem whatsoever! Assuming that you are actually trying to edit text, if you have the font installed on your system, you should be good to go, so to speak.


              HOWEVER, be aware that there is a big difference between using a font for editing text versus using the same font for a forms field (including forms fields which are not user fillable)! The restrictions on what fonts you may use for forms fields are much more stringent. A font used for a forms field must not only be installed on your system to creation of the forms field, but the font must also have the license field set to allow Editable Embedding. Creation of a forms field with a particular font results in Acrobat embedding all glyphs of that font into the PDF file such that anyone receiving the PDF file can fill out the forms fields using the specified font, even if that font is not installed on their own system. In reality, most commercially-available fonts only allow Preview and Print Embedding which is insufficient for use in forms. All Adobe Original font families (designed by or explicitly for Adobe) such as Myriad Pro, Minion Pro, Adobe Garamond Pro, etc. do allow Editable Embedding. Unfortunately, the Helvetica Neue LT Std font family (sourced from Linotype) only provides Preview and Print Embedding and as such, cannot be used for PDF forms fields.


                         - Dov