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    How To Deploy a CC Extension


      I'm developing a CC extension (for Photoshop). This extension is to be bundled with an application we're selling. I'm working on a Mac but this should work on Windows as well.


      I have a proof-of-concept extension working in Photoshop, in debug mode, and I'm trying to understand how it should be deployed to users.


      Following the instructions in the CC_Extension guide I signed the extension (using a self signed extension) and that seems ok but I'm stuck beyond that.


      After some failed attempts to install it via Extension Manager I realised this (Extension Manager) is dead and not to be used anymore.

      I tried ZXPInstaller but it refuses to install the extension saying:

           "The installation failed because the extension is not compatible with the installed applications"

      I tried copying the zxp file to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/ but it is not seen by photoshop upon restarting.


      My questions:

      1. Is there an official guide for this from Adobe which is both accurate and up-to-date regarding deployment, clearly the guide I have is not up-do-date as it explains in length how to use extension manager with is obsolete

      2. How can I deploy my extension to users? What are the officially sanctioned options for deployment.

      3. Is there any tool that will enable me to troubleshoot why the extension is not loading/installing?


      Your help will be much appreciated!