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    Creative Cloud 2015 SVN Compatibility

    pauld21726409 Level 1

      Hi Guys,

      When I create a new project in Dreamweaver CC (2015) and connect to Subversion using Dreamweaver, everything is fine and works.  I can check files in and out with ease.

      However, if I export an existing Subversion repository and try to check that into a new Subversion repository using Dreamweaver, then the following error appears:

      SVN: #155021. You cannot update this file using Dreamweaver's Subversion integration because a newer Subversion client application on your machine has made updates to the file's Subversion meta data. For more information, on this issue, see http://www.adobe.com/go/dw_svn_en.

      I have looked at this link but have not been able to find an extension specifically for Dreamweaver CC (2015) that can restore Subversion compatibility.  Please advise what I should do? Thank you.

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          When Subversion was integrated into Dreamweaver back in the days of CS4, developers' initial enthusiasm turned to despair because of this very problem. Another problem was that Dreamweaver used a cut-back version of Subversion, so it wasn't capable of performing a full range of operations.


          As you have discovered, no recent updates have been made to the Subversion client in DW. It's one of those features that was put on the back burner by the engineering team. I wouldn't be surprised if it's quietly dropped in a future version. What should you do? Use a separate Subversion client that can be updated independently of Dreamweaver.