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    Can I play my interactive flash cc html5 graphic in an email? Also IE problems.


      Hi! So I'm new to the html5 canvas. I haven't animated in flash in about 4 years but Ive picked it up pretty fast. I am now experimenting with using the html5 canvas.


      My animation is simple, has interactive buttons that open other webpages and a .mp3 sound file when the page opens.


      First question - how do I show others my work? In the past I have created a .mov file or whatever and sent by email. What I did was zip the html, js, sound and image folders and sent to my client who opened the html file in Firefox (doesn't work in Chrome or IE - and that's my other question. Why? Is it something to do with the sound file?).


      If I wanted a standalone file am I best just using previous flash formats with AS3?


      Main question - can I run this html file in an email? If so how. Does it need to be a standalone file like a movie, and if so will that keep the interactive buttons? Or do I have to host it all on a server and somehow inbed in an email?


      Sorry if my questions don't make sense. I'm not web savvy at all and its been a while with Flash.


      Thanks SO much in advance! I need this up for Christmas!!