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    Lightroom 2015.3 Hangs with Windows 10

    WS Rees Level 1

      I am running Lightroom 2015.3 with a CLEAN install of the latest update of Windows 10 with GPU acceleration turned off on an Asus N550JK laptop. I have narrowed down my problem to the two following situations.


      When importing photos from SD card, Lightroom will always stop responding when it tries to build previews in the background yet when I kill it and relaunch it, it will build the previews if I manually select it from the menu. It will also stop responding when downloading comments after a Flickr publish. This is 100% consistent and EXTREMELY annoying. It has been happening since the previous version but did not happen prior. I even reinstalled Windows thinking it was something with my configuration but it still happens.


      I have no other issues with any other program on this computer so I am convinced it is a LR specific bug.