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    Spot Removal


      I am trying to figure out how to use Lightroom (have been an ACR user for years) and I can not get the spot removal tool to work. I've watched tutorials, and it was stated that:


      1. you click on the spot you want healed


      2. a source circle shows up connected with a line that shows where the source was taken from


      3. If you are not happy with with the source, click in the source circle and move it to an area that you want to be used as the source.


      Easy peasy, just like ACR, I thought.


      But the problem I'm having is when I get to step 3. It uses a source from across the image, and so when I click inside the source circle, it just takes me to a different image. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I thought maybe I should download the program again, but before that should ask here.


      Because more than likely, it's me and not the program-ha! help! Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.17.15 PM.png

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi owlt,


          It seems like your opacity value is not set correctly.

          Would suggest you to take a look at opacity slider under the Spot Removal tool panel and set it to 100.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            Check the Mode you have- "Clone" or "Heal"

            In 'simple' terms-

            "Clone" copies color and texture from the Source to the Destination circles,

            "Heal" copies only texture from the Source.


            Click the spot you want to change- that is the "Destination"

            The forward slash key [/] will change the 'Source' circle to random locations, as will dragging the circle.


            In your screen-clip you are healing the 'Background' by copying texture from the source circle on the clothing, and it is using the 'color' of the background (that's why it looks grey)