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    Flash CC to Flash CS 5.5 Symbol dropping or missing layers, etc.


      I work in a TV broadcast animation studio. I use Flash CS 5.5. I have a freelancer using CC. I also have other team members that work in the same CC files using CS 5.5.

      Graphic symbols keep dropping out, disappearing, or parts are disappearing.

      The Graphic Symbols are animation characters with arms, legs, eyes, etc.  I have created new files with the elements in CS 5.5 with the same result, corrupt symbols.This is the first time I have seen multiple corruptions of symbols.

      It makes working in Flash impossible as I would have to recreate the dropped symbols, or hope that they work eventually. Multiple persons will be using the files in our pipeline who all have the same issue.

      As downgrading to CS 5.5 is not possible for the freelancer using CC and we have not yet converted to CC in studio is there a solve for this problem?