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    Moving images off hard drive to external drive(s)

    MissM2 Level 1

      I have read a few other similar questions here but am hoping to learn other peoples opinion and experience.

      My iMac is just over year old and I have nearly used all of my 8GB of memory (I've been so creative this year!). I need to do something asap. I know my problems could be solved with the MacPro. I can't buy one right now--but I do need to get a lot of my hard drive space back. I have hired someone to untangle my Lightroom twice over the years and don't want to run into any self-inflicted problems again if at all possible! So my questions are: How can I free up a lot of space as painlessly as possible? And 2) how best to do that? Note: I am using Time Machine for all backups (this failed recently and the whole thing emptied), I am using a WD external drive and cloud backups for my image-oriented work, but need something much bigger than my current WD external drive for this move and new destination. I did some research and wonder if something like a Drobo or G-Tech Raid drive might suffice? My biggest concerns are messing up my Lightroom (again) and having lots of disconnected images--and the possibility of setting it up in the wrong way--and watching my hard drive fill up again. Any thoughts, experiences, or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.