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    White edges and pixelation showing up in PDFs but not in Photoshop

    bfcreativenyc1 Level 1



      I'm working on an InDesign doc and have two issues when I export to PDF:


      1.) The document has some images placed in it. The images are selections from photos from which I removed the backgrounds. The selections look clean in Photoshop and then InDesign, but then when I export to PDF white edges show up that I didn't see beforehand and are different at different zooms. Please see attached for 100% and 200%. What's going on?


      2.) The pixelated dotted lines also look fine in InDesign and were made in InDesign. Wondering what might be going on there as well.


      Luckily none of it is showing up in printing but its still troublesome.





      Note how the white edge on the left side doesn't show up at 100% but does at 200%