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    How to set a link from one pdf doc to the middle of a different pdf doc?

    CalicoCat5000 Level 1

      Through Visual Studios (website in development), I'm trying to give our users the ability to click on a reference in pdf Document A so that a new window opens up directly to the referenced section in pdf Document B.  I've set both a bookmark and a destination in the middle of Document B and I've named both the bookmark and the destination as Article9 and dropped Document B into Visual Studios.  In Document A, I go to Tools>Edit>Link>Add or Edit>draw the box around the reference>Open a Web Page>copy and paste the link.  Then I've tried various endings to the url link, but the link from Document A keeps bringing me to the top of Document B instead of the middle.  I've tried:





      Please let me know how to correctly write the syntax of the link, or is there another way of getting the result?