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    Data Merge with button hyperlinks


      Hello all -


      I'm trying to create large catalogs using Data Merge with 12 products per page - each having a description, an image, and (most importantly) a web URL hyperlink triggered either from the image or from a separate large overlaid button.


      Picture a 12-product grid on the page, and I'd like users to be able to click anywhere within each product's area to follow the hyperlink.


      I know that EasyCatalog is recommended, but I can't convince my employer to buy it and I'm already 90% of the way to doing this on my own, so I'd love to just figure this part out.


      The "Convert URLs to Hyperlinks" option doesn't quite work, because it assigns a link only to the specific lines where the text is, not to the whole text frame as I need it to.


      And I've already perused this thread: Web Link Buttons with Variable URLs, which is so close to what I need, but the script seems not to work if there is more than one product (group) per page.


      Can anyone advise me as to how I can automate this, either during the Data Merge process or using a Script afterwards?


      Thanks for any insights you can provide.