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    USB3.1 support

    mikeklar Level 1

      A couple of months ago the issue regarding USB3.1 devices not performing to specifications, I noted the NexStar 3.1 by Vantec SSD enclosure performed intermittently.  However, when it did it was impressive.

      Having contacted Vantec their response is as follows:


      "If the enclosure is defective, you can get it replace thru our RMA here.

      Sorry about the defective unit. We offer 1 year warranty for this product. If it is within 1 year, you can contact RMA through our website using the Online RMA.


      If after replacement, it is still not working, check with ASUS on updates for the USB 3.1 drivers. This enclosure is using Asmedia USB 3.1 chipset and it matches the Asmedia USB 3.1 controller in the X99-E by ASUS moreover Asmedia belong to ASUS".


      What is interesting the USB3.1 drivers in the enclosure is using a device made by a company owned by  ASUS...

      There may still be hope, at least we have the motherboard company to bug about this if it doesn't work.


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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Thanks for the update.



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            mikeklar Level 1


            The second NexStar 3.1 SSD enclosure behaves the same as the original one noted above.

            Contacting ASUS they suggest updating to the latest bios, i.e. X99-PRO-USB31-ASUS-2001.CAP, for which the file size is 16,386 KB, which is not for the motherboard in question.

            Having already installed the upgraded bios version for the X99-E WS/USB3.1, the bios being of equal file size, but different name, i.e. version 0602, for which the release date is one month before the above noted version, I'm at odds as to what to do next... I will send another inquiry before doing anything foolish.

            In the meantime, has anyone here experienced a similar issue and what did you do?


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              mikeklar Level 1

              Want to read another Update on USB 3.1? 


              While waiting for ASUS to provide me with a replacement motherboard I contacted Vantec regarding this problem and they sent me another cable which resulted in the following:

              - First, the cable has exactly the same connectors and designations as the previous two. However, when used with the second enclosure (noted in the above update) it was immediately recognized by the system and did not alternate between being recognized and dropping in and out repeatedly.

              - Opening the "USB 3.1 Boost" window (see image below) it shows the unit as a 3.0 device, however, it does allow the USAP to be activated.

              - Transferring a 26.8GB folder, containing relatively large images from an internal RAID drive, the transfer speed averaged between 500MB/s to 700MB/s, with some peaks over 800MB/s.  Compare that to USB 3.0 drives writing the same folder at an average of 300MB/s.

              - However, as can be seen in the captured image below, ASUS USB 3.1 Boost doesn't show it as a USB 3.1 device, which it did in the previous cases, but then only for short times. 


              Of interest, ASUS's tech service were surprised to see the sockets, for the USB 3.1, on the motherboard being of the same style as for the USB 3.0 sockets, i.e. "Standard-A", the only difference between them is that the 3.1 sockets have "USB 3.1" printed on them.  For this reason they are considering this motherboard defective and offered to send me a replacement, but don't have one...!


              If any one has any thoughts or comments I'd appreciate your feedback, in particular on what is shown on the image below, i.e. is this how it shows USB 3.1 devices?

              One more note; the designations for the USB 3.1 sockets and connectors standards are changing, i.e. the cable from Vantec consists of a "Standard-A" with a "Micro-B" at the NextStar's box. It's the "Type-C" that's becoming the accepted standard for USB 3.1.  The good news - one can now get cables with a "Type-A to Type-C" connectors and "Type-C to a Type-A socket" rated for 10Gb/s, which translates to 1.2GB/s, i.e. twice the theoretical transfer speed of what I'm getting with the Vantec's StarTech cable.  But you'll wince at the price