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    Composition will not render fully?


      My composition is like 1min 30 secs but it stops rendering at 12 seconds. Help please. I have tried different codecs such as :





      However, it does not work. Please help. I have to upload this video tomorrow. Thanks

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Let's see, if you take the total number of possible layers and the total number of possible different assets you could add to a comp and the total number of possible effects, then multiply all those factors by the total number of different comp and render settings you will see that it's impossible for us to have any real idea what can be going wrong. It could be as simple as having the comp work area set to 12 seconds and the render settings set to Work Area. If that is not the problem then we need a detailed description of your comp and the steps you are using to render the project.

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            xBehave Level 1

            My apologies. The comp work area is not set to 12 seconds; its set to the whole composition. These are my composition settings. I have the same render and composition settings for every project I work on , but I'm not really sure why it has gone wrong this time. These are pretty much all the settings I have changed from default, so all the other settings are just normal default settings. For some reason, the render fails at 12 seconds.

            08314bf0a40eb9077f58255b1ce9fb00.png 08314bf0a40eb9077f58255b1ce9fb00.png

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The first thing I notice is that it's kind of pointless to set the comp frame rate at 59.94 unless you know exactly what you are doing and you're sure that every device intended for playback can playback at that frame rate. It is a standard for cameras but it is not a standard for playback. Because you have chosen Animation Codec Quicktime you are not rendering a file intended for playback but are instead rendering a DI (digital intermediate) or master that is intended for use in another project and not for playback. It also doesn't save you much drive space to set the basic video setting to 80% quality when using Animation Codec. It's not going to significantly reduce the file size or help the playback of that or any visually lossless video format.


              If you are getting some kind of error message or there is something showing up in the log file that indicates what may be happening. You could be running out of memory and sometimes setting the Secret preferences to purge frames during the render will solve that problem. You'll find the Secret tab in preferences by holding down the Shift key and pressing the General option when you select preferences. If you are not getting some kind of error message then this is probably not the issue.


              As I said in my first reply if your comp is failing at 12 seconds and everything else is normal then there's a problem with your composition that is either causing your system to run out of memory or fail in some other way. We canto know what that might be because there are no details about the comp. The first thing I would do to try and find the problem is deselect all layers make sure no layers are shy, then press the U key twice to reveal all modified properties of all layers in the project. If you have pre-comps do the same to them. Now look at around 12 seconds for an event. If there is no new event at about 12 seconds start turning off effects in the timeline until the project will render.


              If these trouble shooting steps don't find the problem then let us know and give us details about the project. I would also take some time and study up on video formats and rendering. If you are going to be producing videos it's really important that you understand the standards and follow them so others can successfully view your work.

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                Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                To eliminate the possibility of a very simple cause you might want to share a screen shot of your render settings.   Or at least make sure that you have your "work area" in the timeline set to the entire length of the composition.

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                  xBehave Level 1

                  Thank you. I will indeed try to follow up what you recommended after Christmas , as I am on a holiday in Cuba right now. Anyways, I will definitely update you what I have gotten on with after I come back. Thanks anyways and have a great Christmas

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                    xBehave Level 1

                    It worked!


                    I looked around 12 secs (where the render failed) and I changed back something I had modified and now it's working.