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    Evolution of cloud to meet workflow demands - follow the subscriber & not shackle to a specific PC


      This is more of a suggestion than a question. CC opened the door to allowing me to afford entry into the Adobe Photoshop world. Since joining, I have expanded my interest into Premiere, Acrobat, etc & love the ability to do so under the All App subscription model. However, I think Adobe needs to re-think the idea of limiting use of CC to 2 active machines. I can see not allowing 2 active machines running the apps at the same time and I don't have a need to do this. However, the nature of my work means that I may be needing to jump from machine to machine possibly located at disparate sites and not being relocatable. It seems to me a subscription to a cloud bassed product should follow the user, not the machine upon which it runs. License ME, not my box. Why is this beneficial to adobe and to the user? It would allow the user to have the software available on any machine the user needs to access the app, making for a true virtual cloud experience. It would allow Adobe to track license use solely by user, and not machine, to garner metrics and license compliance. For the user, it makes his/her workflow much more fluid and cloud based. Tying app use to a machine is old-school thinking for an age gone by. Please, Adobe, let's both rise to the cloud together and shake off the shackles of machine dependance.