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    Lightroom CC crashes every minute. What can i do?


      I recently bought Creative Cloud subscription with Photoshop and Lightroom CC. I just love these programs but Lightroom CC not so much.. It just keeps on crashing every 2 minutes leaving me wondering why i pay hard earned money for this disfunctional program?
      I have tried to set the GPU setting off in the Preferences menu, but all that causes Lightroom to do is crashing it again? I am totally chanceless in my efforts to change settings that can or could lead to a fix because LR crashes , and i have to CTRL-ALT-DEL again to restart the program. Reinstalling the program also didn't accomplish much, the problem still persists.

      I really can't edit any picture in this way. What is going on? What can i do to fix this program if every solution causes Lightroom to crash. My PC settings:


      AMD Bulldozer X8- FX 8320 8x3.5 a 4.0ghz Vishera

      1 TB harddisk

      8gb Corsair 1600mhz Ram

      AMD Radeon HD7700 Series


      Am i doing something terribly wrong? Is there a fix for this matter?
      Thanks and if my information isn't complete i am glad to give more information about the program. It just freezes, turns white and refuses to work again every 2 minutes or so.


      Kind regards and thanks in advance