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    Automatic landscape pages for landscape content


      Hi everyone. I’m currently in the process of preparing the final version of my PhD thesis for printing.

      By necessity the thesis had to be produced in Word whilst changes were still being made to the text. However, for the final version I would like to typeset it in InDesign.

      I’m currently having some trouble with mixed portrait and landscape pages.

      I can manually set a page to be landscape. However, if I then make some formatting changes to the document, the text reflows and it sometimes pushes the landscape content off the landscape page onto the following portrait page.

      In Word, I was able to insert ‘section breaks’ just before the landscape content. This ensured that that even as text above was changed, the pages with the landscape content on always remained in the landscape orientation.

      Are there any comparable features in InDesign, or a way to achieve the same effect?

      I know that it’s possible to insert breaks, but the landscape pages still stay where they are when the landscape content gets pushed off them.

      The only other option I can currently see is to get the document in its final state, and then go in manually and rotate the pages as required. However, I like to use automatic, build-in methods where possible as they’re much cleaner and more flexible.

      Thanks in advance for any help!