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    Add-ons don't sync

    Molnfab Level 1

      Add-ons don't sync when added from Adobe Add-ons site.

      It says I got it, but nothing is logged in ”Activity stream” and nothing shows up in any application. Also removed add-ons is not removed (have an old Kulor add-on that won't disappear). It's not present in Adobe Extension Manager.

      It doesn't work with any add-on for any application.

      Of course I've searched the forum and tried all suggestions for similar issues. One suggested workaround was to download an old version and install it through AEM. That's just wrong. It must work as expected!


      I use all updated versions (CC2015 dec) on Mac OS X El Capitan, swedish versions. Other syncs like Typekit, Files, Library works just fine.

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          Pattie-F Level 7

          Moving to Add-Ons user forum

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            K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Henrik


            The problem is most likely because you still have Extension Manager installed but are using CC products. As it is now obsolete, Extension Manager CC isn’t able to detect the existence of CC 2015 applications. Using Extension Manager CC makes an internal database get updated with a list of Adobe applications that does not include any CC 2015 applications, which can cause automatic installation of add-ons to fail when you try to use the Creative Cloud Desktop application.


            To make sure you’re not being affected by this, please uninstall Extension Manager, then reboot and uninstall or install any Adobe application (via the Creative Cloud Desktop application) - this will trigger a refresh of the list of installed applications. You can then reboot and retry an add-on installation via My Add-ons.


            Let us know how you get on with this.


            Kind regards,

            Krystal - Add-ons team