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    Shutdown LR-CC Windows 7


      Just reluctantly upgraded to CC less than 48 hours ago, and thus far I am regretting having done so.  LR freezes up, and will not shutdown nicely.  Went into Task Manager and bumped priority up to "Real Time" as suggested in another post.  Prior to priority setting, LR was using 16-47% of CPU.  After priority setting it's now using 16-79% of CPU.  Acting like it is a serious loop of some sort.  Yesterday, thought that the problem might have something to do with the graphics driver - unfortunately I have one of those that is listed as a problem - ATI Radeon HD 5450.  Upgraded driver, and the situation got worse!  Backed the driver down to previous version, and it's a bit better, but not fixed.  Also yesterday, finished off 3 portraits and exported to jpeg for printing...was unable to shutdown, so had to kill thru Task Mgr.  This morning, the finishing touches that were applied (including cropping) are gone.  Those steps do not appear in History.  This is my business, and currently I'm desperate!!  Has anyone experienced this, and been provided with a solutilon?  Will try to copy this and send in an email to support...