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    Adding photos to folders already in the catalog


      If I have already imported a folder of photos from my hard drive into Lr,

      and then I add or remove some photos in that folder on my hard drive,

      will those changes be reflected in the Lr catalog???


      Do I need to perform a Lr procedure to update changes in

      hard drive folders already in the catalog, or does Lr do

      this automatically???

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you move photos, either using Lightroom or otherwise, the changes you have made will stay with the photos. If you move the images outside of Lightroom then you will have to find the missing folders or update the folder location. But the changes will remain. If you remove images from the catalog then all of the adjustments that were made to those images will be discarded and you will have to start over by importing them again and starting from the beginning.

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            sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi SoExperienced,


            You have to synchronise folder in Lightroom in order to update it.

            Lightrool will notify you if you remove any image from that folder outside it missing from Lightroom but if you add new images to that folder outside Lightroom then you need to import them again.

            Please check the below link for more information: How to create and manage folders in Photoshop Lightroom




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              dj_paige Level 9

              Lightroom is not a file browser. it does not know what photos have been added to a folder. You have to tell Lightroom to either Import the new photos, or Synchronize the folder. Of the two, I recommend import (not synchronize) because synchronize will also remove photos from Lightroom if they are not found in taht folder (and thus you lose your edits and user-provided metadata), and for many people, that is an undesirable side effect of synchronize.


              However, I don't really like the idea of adding photos to existing folders; to me its easier and makes more sense to create a new folder for each new batch of imports (thereby avoiding the problems with synchronize, and minimizing human errors) and then use Lightroom tools like keywords and other metadata to organize and search.

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                SoExperienced Level 1

                Thanks for replying, Jim !!!

                I really appreciate your help !!!


                I'm not talking here about moving folders at all, as your response seems to assume that I do.

                I'm talking about adding or removing photos from a folder that will remain in the same location

                in the hard drive directory/folder organization.


                You can assume that if I remove a photo from a folder, that it will ONLY be to delete

                that photo altogether, as in the case of discovering unwanted duplicate photos.


                Also, I may add some new photos to an existing hard drive folder because they have

                something in common with the other photos in that folder.


                Please assume that I am making all such deletions and additions to a particular unmoved

                hard drive folder Outside Of Lightroom, that is, by directly doing so in Windows.


                In the very particular case as I have just described it, how can I be sure that the Lr catalog reflects

                such changes???


                I realize that any addition of photos to that folder Will Not reflect any changes that I may have

                previously made to ALL of the other photos in that folder via Lr, so that I would need to make

                such changes to the new, added photos.


                Still, is there something that I need to do in Lr so that the catalog reflects such deletions and

                additions to an unmoved older, or does Lr somehow "know" that such changes have occurred

                in that folder, and just updates the catalog automatically???


                Thank You SO Much For Your Help, Jim  !!!

                I Really Mean It !!!


                Joe Kulik

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Still, is there something that I need to do

                  Yes- STOP using the OS to manage your 'Images'

                  NEVER- move, rename, delete, anything in Image folders using the OS!!


                  does Lr somehow "know" that such changes have occurred

                  NO !.  It is like the 'Night Cleaner' in a public library, moving books from one aisle to another- the Library index or catalog will never know where those books have been placed!

                  An "Unmoved" folder is like the library 'aisle'- unmoved -It is the Book 'locations' that will be the problem!