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    Lightroom internal or external drive for photo/video files handling / best performance for "loading" and sharpness times...




      I'm about to buy iMac 27 inch 5k res. I already specifies configuration, however stuck of photos "loading" times and "sharpness" loading times.

      I've been using LR CC for some time and I can see two steps for loading images:


      1) Lightroom shows extremely blurry images with "loading"

      2) "loading time" disappears but image is still not 100% sharp.

      3) I have to zoom for 1:1 then image gets as sharp as it was taken

      4) Not always but my version when I enter full screen mode, the image gets blurred again and it cannot re-sharp... it stays blurry until i do 1:1 zoom and zoom out - sometimes it gets sharp sometimes it get sharp and then blurry again.


      What I would like to avoid in future on the iMac is this strange blurry things and I would like images to load smooth, fast and at full sharpness.

      What I already decided is to have internal SSD for OS, applications and... here comes the question - what is the best setup for LR described above performance issues;


      1) one internal SSD for OS, LR application, LR Cache, LR Catalog and photos/videos

      2) one interal SSD for OS, LR application, LR Cache, LR Catalog and:

      2.1) additional external HDD for photos/videos

      2.2) additional external SSD for photos/vdieos

      3) something else?


      What I would like to achieve is fast loading times in library and develop module and fast sharpening of photos - I don't want to look/work on blurry ones. I would like to get the as soon as possible in 1:1 versions.

      What I learnt is build 1:1 previews. The question would be what influences performance of reading such 1:1 previews and working on them?


      I would be really thankful for answer and test results.


      Kind regards,