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    how to sync workspaces after reinstall


      successfully installed CC and INDD, PSD, AI v. 2015.2 after new hard drive install--how can i get my custom menus and workspaces back? This has NEVER worked for me in the last 10 years--every time I accept an upgrade i waste at least 2 hours resetting everything, despite the fact I had "synced' spaces to the cloud many times. This is ridiculous--I'd rather they let me keep control locally as I would do a better job of it--What am I missing here? can anybody help me before I resign myself to this onerous task?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Sync feature has been "paused" in InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, and Photoshop CC. This is the feature that synced features like workspaces between different workstations. There were server issues and the feature will probably be redeveloped with stronger server support and a better user interface.


          However, if you have previous workspaces and other settings in a previous version on the same computer (InDesign CC 2014 or InDesign CC) the Edit > Migrate Previous Local Settings should still work.