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    Suggestion on resolving a font import problem in InDesign?


      When I import a .docx document into InDesign, sometimes it loses font formatting in a sort of random fashion: if two words of a name are in bold in the .docx document, one will come into InDesign with bold formatting and the other with regular font applied; or, sometimes one letter out of a name will come in with regular font applied while all the other characters in the name retain their bold formatting. Probably an important fact: the single characters that come in as regular font have had foreign language accents applied to them in the .docx document, and when a whole word comes in without the bold formatting, it may begin with a letter that has had an accent applied to it.


      I am guessing that this may have something to do with the character encoding applied to these accented characters in the .docx document, but I don't know how to follow-up that thought.


      I would be grateful for any suggestions, regarding what to do in either InDesign or Word.


      Thank you.