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    Why can't I edit in Photoshop from Lightroom after uninstalling from CC?


      I had purchased Adobe CC and really didn't like it -so I uninstalled it finally after many many problems, forum suggestions and my own attempts. (Adobe has little/no info or help on this topic - only on how to install)

      I finally got my Lightroom 5 woking fine..and I can also access my various plugins. However, I can't access Photoshop.  I think I may have deleted essential Adobe CS5 app files (which I purchased previously) so I tried to download it again from the Adobe website. However, I can't access it.

      Apparently the license numbers "don't qualify" even though they are legit from my purchases. It says I need previous license numbers from Photoshop Elements versions - which of course aren't showing on my programs page as purchased .. only  all my Lightroom versions and CS5.


      Please Please any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

      Really frustrated with Adobe help - It sends you in circles and appears to be totally geared toward CC issues now..