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    can't update LR 6 to 6.3


      I just had to reinstall LR6 (6.0) and i can see there is a 6.3 update. For some reason i don't get that info when i start the program (search for update is checked) and when i selected "Help-updates" it opens Adobe Application manager and then downloads and installs CC app without my approval. I DONT have CC i just bought LR6 3 month ago.

      The CC app tells me that i have a update for lightroom CC (WHY CC I don't have it) and when i click it  it says that it can't connect på adobe server.

      and i can't use this link: http://swupdl.adobe.com/updates/oobe/aam20/mac/AdobeLightroom-6.0/6.3/setup.dmg

      can't find server

      Please Help.

      I very new i LR

      But why does Adobe application manager suddenly update to CC app and why can't i update via CC or download the update ?