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    Snakedogman Level 2

      Don't know if this update also was supposed to do anything about the audio issues but audio still not playing for the first a couple of seconds after playing a preview in 13.6.1.


      BTW the known isssues page says this issue was fixed in 13.5.1:

      audio doesn’t play at the beginning of previews

      When you start a preview in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5), audio may not play for one or more seconds at the beginning of the preview.

      This issue is fixed in the After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1) bug-fix update.


      but this is not the the case.

      Todd can you acknowlegde this issue persists? Is there an ETA on when it will be fixed? Is Adobe aware of it? (I guess not since the know issues page says it's fixed).

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          The bug that you're referring to on Mac OS was fixed.


          If you're experiencing an issue with audio, then please describe it in detail so that we can help you to troubleshoot.

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            Snakedogman Level 2

            Hi Todd,

            I (and I think several other people here) are experiencing this issue on Windows. The issue is that when playing back a cached RAM preview/live preview, there is no audio for the first couple of seconds.

            Actually I hear a couple of milliseconds of audio when the preview starts playing, then audio cuts out. Then it reappears again after a second or two. So I never hear the start of the audio unless I let the preview loop back on itself. Also when the audio is playing back, it has intermittend glitches and pops.

            As far as I can determine it doesnt matter what RAM preview settings I use.


            I'm not behind my PC at the moment but I can try and give more details this evening when I get back home. Thanks for investigating.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              What you're referring to sounds like an issue with the option to mute audio when playback is not realtime (in the Preview panel). That option is a little over-conservative in determining when it's OK to play audio be cause the realtime condition has been met. Try toggling that off and see how things work for you.

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                Snakedogman Level 2

                Allright, that does work. If I uncheck that it does play immediately so that's great.

                However it is strange that if that option is checked, it will always behave in the way I describe, even though the preview panel shows that playback is realtime from the start, and no matter how simple or complex the comp is. This even happens in an empty comp with just an audio layer.

                So "a little over conservative" might not be the best way to describe it...


                In the end I would prefer to have the option checked because that way the preview behaves the most like the old RAM preview: hit numpad 0 -> the preview will start caching and you will also see the new frames that are being cached, but you won't hear audio yet until it finishes caching (or you hit nupad-0 again to play).

                This way you could make an initial judgement on the animation as you saw the frame being cached, then hit numpad-0 again when enough time had been cached to make a final judgement in real-time with audio.


                Now if I use the "cache before playback" option, it will not show me the frames as they are being cached.

                If I don't use that option and check the "mute audio when playback is not realtime" option, it will have the two second delay on the audio, and if I uncheck the "mute audio..." option, it will play back jittery audio as it's caching the frames... neither of these scenario's is optimal.


                Also I still hear small glitches (like a couple of samples being skipped) in the audio once it's playing. There is always a glitch immediately at the start of playback and then intermittedly during playback. And if it's looping it's always at the start of the loop too. Not un-workable but still feels like something's not going quite as smooth as it should be behind the scenes. Don't remember having any issues like this before CC2015.

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                  Alexander Eberhard Level 1

                  I can just confirm what snakedogman said. I am running latest version on Windows 7 professional.


                  But it does not matter if the mute option is on or off. Audio begins to play middle of first or second preview run. Also audio Sound effects are full of cracks that wont be in the original File.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    Thanks for the confirmation.


                    BTW, we're reworking our audio system to address these issues and others, and I hope that you'll see these improvement in an update early in 2016. We'll keep you posted when the update is ready.

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                      Snakedogman Level 2

                      Ok, well that's good to hear I guess. I'll stay on CC2014 for the time being.