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    Windows 10 overwrites Adobe apps with Microsoft apps.  Is this legal?


      My notebook updated my Windows 10 version 10 to version 1511, and in doing so got into my private settings and changed my document viewer from Adobe to Microsoft.  Seems to me they're trying to squeeze Adobe out of the picture by changing my settings to use Microsoft.  I know if I were Adobe, I'd be plenty upset with them accessing people's private settings to remove  Adobe's ability to open documents for users who specifically selected Adobe for this function.  It took me hours to put the changes they made back to the way I wanted.  I asked Microsoft on a chat line about it twice, and they disconnected me both times.  It appears they don't like people like me questioning their invasion of privacy.   Is this legal?  Doesn't seem right.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You should be able to restore you preferences for the type of PDF viewerl


          I only saw this with Microsoft Edge and all I had to do was start IE or use Edge's setting to open the URI in IE.


          Adobe and Microsoft have been dueling for years. It is less expensive not to get into a law suit. If Adobe stands any chance of a legal win it most likely will ben in the EU where Microsoft has already lost a restraint of trade suit, but since Microsoft provides an alternate viewer Microsoft might not be found guilty.


          I would rather see the money go to development rather than into the lawyers' pockets