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    Tabbing stops after calculation

      i have a calculator program that allows the user to tab through all the input fields. it works fine when it first comes up in a Player, but after the onCalculate() function is performed, the tabbing no longer works. I want to enable the user to be able to go back and change different inputs. How do I reset the form or keep the tabbing?
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          tabEnabled is a property & not a function. I am not sure what layer you are working on, or if onCalculate() is on a different layer, but try the following:

          a.tabEnabled = true;
          b.tabEnabled = true;
          c.tabEnabled = true;
          d.tabEnabled = true;
          e.tabEnabled = true;
          f.tabEnabled = true;
          g.tabEnabled = true;
          h.tabEnabled = true;
          i.tabEnabled = true;
          j.tabEnabled = true;
          k.tabEnabled = true;
          calc.tabEnabled = false;