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    Occasionally cannot open library book on Kobo Aura H1O


      I am running ADE 4.5.126523 on a Windows 10 PC. Occasionally, a downloaded library book will not open in my Kobo Aura H2O after being copied from the bookshelf in ADE. It displays the Oops message, that the device is not authorized, but of course, it is. It shows on the Kobo from within ADE, and the book can be read from within ADE. If I go back to the library (with or without closing ADE), and borrow a different book, I have no problem reading it on the Kobo. A different Kobo and different computer, authorized with the same Adobe ID as the other two devices, exhibits the same behaviour. Also, a different library shows the same behaviour with the same book. Both libraries use Overdrive. If I am persistent, and delete all files associated with the book on both the PC and the Kobo, and continue week after week trying to get it to work, it finally does. This has happened with four different books now.

      I have absolutely no idea what the problem is, but it seems that it has to be ADE or Overdrive. Appreciate any help.