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    Detect width of JPG dynamically loaded into blank movieclip?

      Hello. I am loading jpgs into an MC. I make sure I wait to run and modification to the MC by confirming the image is loaded first.

      If I comment out the IF statements within the function "RW_pic_modifications()" and I trace the width and height of the MC AFTER each photo is loaded, I successfully trace the correct W and H.

      My issue, however is when I DO RUN IT THROUGH the conditions within the "RW_pic_modifications()" function. Then any modifications to the MC W and H seem to compound and apply it to each iteration of the next MCs.

      I confirmed that my code and logic is correct. I just dont understand why performing a resize to the MC with one jpg loaded into it is not reset to the NEW JPG loaded into it, after the new JPG is loaded.

      Please see attached code.

      NOTE - I have an MC that stops on a frame until all the code here is executed. Once complete, then this MC plays to allow the pic to stay on screen for a given amount of time THEN it calls on the RW_Pauser() function.

      Any help would not only be greatly appreciated but would also put me out of my misery. I am way over deadline.