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    Polar Coordinates - Gap - Uneven spacing




      I am trying to create a 3 part circular pattern out of 3 squares in AE.


      The spacing between the bottom two shapes are working fine, but it seems like After Effects isn`t setting the distance between the 3 squares correctly, when I set the basic texture layout.

      I have used the Align panel to make sure my 3 squares evenly spaced across the comp, but when I pre compose these, to bring into a new comp, to make a Polar Coordinate circle, I keep getting a gap on the top of the circle.


      I`ve been trying to troubleshoot if something is glitching when AE aligns the squares, but I`m still stumped. Are there any snap settings or any other settings that could be slipping through the cracks? I`ve set my Polar Coordinate settings to 100%, so it`s not that.


      I`ve checked my other settings and nothing seems to be different from yesterday (yesterday, my polar coordinate circle creation was working just fine).


      Thanks for any help you can provide. Here is a screen of what I am talking about.polar_core_help1.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are failing to calculate the space between the squares and the size of the squares correctly. When you pre-compose you get all the pixels in the comp wrapped into a circle when you apply polar coordinates. If you want the 3 lines evenly distributed you need to have the space on the far left plus the space on the far right equal the space between the squares. It's just simple math. For example if the comp is 1920 pixels wide you have to divide 1920 by 6. That means the squares are 320 pixels wide. If you create shape layers that have the Rectangle position centered and the size set to 320 then you can simply change the anchor points of two of the layers by 640 pixels to line them up correctly. Now everything will work out. Trying to do this visually or automatically with the align tools available in AE won't work.

          Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 10.51.23 PM.png