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    Lightroom doesn't sync with my iPad mini


      I have Lightroom on a Macbook Air and I've downloaded the Lr app onto my iPad mini. I'm signed in on both, but the photo collections in Lightroom the Macbook do not appear on my iPad. Adobe Help gives the advice below, but there is no Sync Icon next to any of the collections in Lightroom on my Macbook. Does this mean that Adobe Help is out of date and Adobe have stopped using these icons, or does it mean there's something wrong with my desktop version of Lightroom?


        If you have existing Collections, you can set them up to sync with Lightroom for mobile, too.


        Collections panelClick the Sync icon to ensure that the pictures in the Collections are synced with your device
        A. Non-synced Collection B. Synced Collection (bi-directional arrow icon)

        You can also right click an existing Collection, and click Sync With Lightroom Mobile from the context menu