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    Trying to open images in Lightroom that I have already worked on in a folder

    Challenger Gibraltar



      About a week ago I was testing out lightroom to try and get to grips with the downloading and editing of them. Today I went to the folder and clicked on the RAW file which incidentally spend all 5 images, however these are all greyed out, which to my basic knowledge means I can no longer work on the RAW files only the the files I worked on and converted to B&W. What I'd like to know is why are they greyed out and can I get them showing normal or have my files been destroyed and now useless? sorry I do not know how to take screen shots of the Lightroom desktop and I am using a brand new iMac, I suspect that this will also happen on my brand new MacBook as well s I am new to Apple as well and everything seems to be falling apart around me. O have a head injury so please can you explain in the most basic way possible please. Thank you.