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    Preview no longer runs in realtime whenever more than one layer


      After I updated to 13.6, Preview no longer works in realtime with more than one layer or effect. I've an HD chromakey in 422 prores that won't play realtime when on its own as a standalone item. The ram preview seemed to work fine prior to this. It was when I updated to the new preview that I've no longer got real time on anything. The more video I layer up, the slower the preview, till its running at 6fps for 5 layers of prores 422. Tried every possible variation of the preview panel. Any suggestions?



      System snapshot

      Mid 2012 Mac Pro

      El Capitan 10.11.2

      2x2.4Ghz 6 core Xeon

      24Gb ram 18 for AFX

      Nvidia GTX 580 3GVram

      System drive is an OWC SSD

      Internal Media Drive WD Black Caviar