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    Problem with webservice

      Hello everyone

      (please excuse my english)

      I'm having some issues when trying to get data from a webservice, which is not on the same domain as my swf.

      Since i'm not sure of the security of my remote webservice, I'm trying with the Adobe webservice, and the exemple in Flash help.
      So i have a scene with just a TextArea (instance name : txt), and the embedded code on first (and only) frame

      The publish settings are set to "Access Network only".
      When i test the animation, everything works fine, the data is displayed in the textarea.
      When launching the html page locally, everything work fine too. (i allowed the folder in Flash Settings Manager)

      But when trying online (http), the data is not loaded, with both IE & FF.

      What am I doing wrong ?
      This is driving me nuts...

      Thanks thanks thanks