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    Why aren't  the white spaces left when using constrain crop part of the frame?


      I posted yesterday because I thought that spot removal was broken in the latest LR Creative Cloud. It still works, but appears to have a limitation that seems counter intuitive.


      I had an image on which I used Lens correction/basic/full . This works pretty well to give a full on view of an image captured from an angle. There is a small patch near the edge of the frame that is left white. I assumed spot removal would allow me to fill this by cloning a nearby area, an operation  that could be performed in Photoshop, (although I haven't used PS in a while).


      It doesn 't work in LR, implying that the sliver of white is not considered as part of the rectangular frame. Why not? Do I have this right or am I missing something?


      If this is design intent, it seems ill considered.