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    Circular logic problem with the creative cloud Libraries panel in photoshop. Please Help!!!


      Whenever I open the document, or any copy of it, it says, "Cannot locate linked assets:" and then it asks me to relink all of the assets to a graphic in my library. The only problem is I deleted those assets from the library, so of course I cannot relink it. So the next logical step would be to re-upload the assets that I deleted. But this is where the circular logic problem takes place: the original document that I need to re-upload to solve this problem is the one that I cannot open, because it is looking for missing links. 


      The libraries panel is telling me that links are missing from a copy of a document, that I never linked any assets to.


      I did link to the original document, and that was all messed up, but then I re-downloaded a fresh photoshop file from my untouched files, and its still giving me the same problem. Even if I change the name of the copied document, it still says links are missing. How is this possible?!  All of the assets are not accessible unless go to another creative cloud account, or sign off entirely, unless I go to another computer.


      Please Help!!!!