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    Lightroom mobile sync


      How do I stop syncing photos with Lightroom mobile specifically for those that originated on the iPad?


      I uploaded photos from my camera to my iPad and then loaded them into Lightroom Mobile.  On my mac from within Lightroom I moved the images from the iPad imported photos directory to another location.  I want to keep the photos in Lightroom on my mac but do not want the originals nor the Lightroom sync'd photos on my iPad.  I can delete the photos from my photos directory but they remain sync'd with Lightroom mobile.  If I use the "remove" option in Lightroom mobile it removes the image from both the mobile and desktop libraries.

      When syncing a collection from the desktop to mobile version you can just deselect the collections sync symbol but I don't see an equivalent way for photos originating on the iPad.  The photos do show a symbol saying they are being sync'd with the mobile version but there is no way that I tell to deselect the sync symbol.


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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Johnsik,


          In Lightroom Mobile there is no way to customize the collections you want to sync.

          It will sync whatever you have import in it and also keep them updated.




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            johnsik Level 1

            Answering my own question.  If you want to delete photos from your iPad and Lightroom Mobile that originated on your iPad but keep them in Lightroom Desktop do the following:


            [assuming you already imported iPad photos to Lightroom Mobile and have them sync'd back to your Lightroom Desktop]


            1) add photos to a collection in Lightroom Desktop and sync with Mobile (they are already sync'd but necessary for the next steps)

            2)  On your iPad delete the photos from the photos app

            3) In Lightroom Desktop uncheck the sync box


            The photos are now deleted from your Ipad and unsync'd with Lightroom mobile but will remain in Lightroom Desktop.