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    Need Help With FW4

      I wanted to add noise to a picture, so I looked at a tutorial online. The only problem is that it says to go to the Property Inspector. Where is that? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks.
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          r u a computer guy? Level 1
          >See WINDOW in the top menu
          >Make sure "Properties" is checked (4th box down)
          >A long box will appear at the bottom of your screen with 2 tabs
          >Make sure you are on the "Properties" tab

          >Select your picture. *This is important* What shows in this tab is dependent on what you do or don't have selected. Cool if you know it, not so much if you don't.

          >Near the middle there is a "Filters" label with a "+" next to it. Click on that and Noise is listed in the pop-up with some other stuff.