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    Various problems with keywords and subkeywords on the Index pane

    Mad Greg Level 1
      Hi, I have a HTML project in RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2 which is added to Visual SourceSafe for version control.
      There are various problems with keywords and subkeywords in the Index pane in this project. I don't know if all of these symptoms have the same cause but I'd appreciate some advice on how to solve them:

      1. A large number of keywords and subkeywords are simply not displayed in the Index pane, or are not displayed correctly.

      Sometimes just the first word in a keyword phrase is displayed on the first level, without any subkeywords. And some parts of subkeywords are shown as keywords on the first level.

      No matter if I delete these erroneous keywords manually from the HTM file and add them again, they won't show up on the pane. However, the missing keywords seem to be displayed in the compiled index in the CHM file, but it's really bothersome not to be sure if the index is correct.

      The keywords also seem to appear correctly in the dialog box Add Existing Index Keyword, which is displayed if you select Topic Properties, and click the Add Existing button on the Index tab.

      I have now gone through all my HTM files to see if there is something in common with the missing keywords. First I thought there was a problem with Swedish diacritic letters, or words with hyphens or in brackets, but I don't think that's the problem. The only thing in common for many of the entries is this:

      - A great many of the missing keywords on the first level, also appear as subkeywords in other index entries which are also missing on the index pane. (Adding pairs like this is of course very common in an index.)

      2. The project crashes now and then when I try to open the Index pane.

      This could be related to the previous problem. When I open the project I first get a message about an error in source control against SourceSafe. Then when I click the Index tab the project crashes and will do so every time I try to open it. I have refound a solution in another thread "Missing Index Tab" which worked for me - deleting the CPD file and opening the project again. However, after some time editing the project, the crash will sooner or later occur again. Is there some other temporary file related to the index that could be corrupt?

      A side effect of deleting the CPD file is that a large number of the words in the index pane get a wavy red line under them, as if they were missing from the spelling wordlist. And this appears even though I've disabled spell checking. However, if I deselect (or select) the "Match case" option as well, the lines disappear.

      3. Index entries in the HTM file are resorted in reverse alphabetical order.

      For easier editing, I have manually sorted the keyword entries alphabetically in the HTML source code. However, in some of the HTM files the keyword items are resorted in reverse alphabetical order later on. This is not a serious problem, but it's annoying.

      Best regards,
      Greger Nässén
      Stockholm, Sweden