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        johndaigle Level 4

        Hi, rwrich21

        I am not sure I know the answer to your question, but here are a couple of threads to review which may shed some light on your issues. There are some possible solutions toward the bottom of the thread, post #5.



        Meanwhile, I think there is a bit of confusion regarding the word "index" as it relates to Tulika's comments. She was not referring to the Keyword Index which I think is what you are asking about. Rather, she was referring to the way RoboHelp Server creates a Search Index. These are two very different things though they involve the word "index." What she was saying was that the Search Engine can use client-side or server-side indexing to create search results. Enhanced Search is what she is discussing in post #1 up above.


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          Hello, I'm having the same issue you had with my keyword index not fully loading when calling webhelppro output from a central server.

          Were you ever able to resolve your issue? If yes, what did the trick?


          Thanks for any help or direction

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            rwrich21 Level 1

            I did not have a rename of the project problem. I have had this problem for a year and a half fortunately most of my users don't use it but I like it. It worked for awhile before we got Robohelp 7 and has not worked since.


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