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    Problems viewing generated Online Help - RH7


      I generated an Online Help last week, seemingly without errors - it was then zipped and delivered to our customer. However, I have now been informed that the customer cannot open this newly generated help (they can still use the previous version they received, written in RH6). When they click on the .html file, the page tries to load but unsuccessfully. A warning icon appears (in IE at least, not in Firefox - OH won't open in either) informing them that the 'gbNav4' and 'gbMac' are undefined.

      Does anyone have any idea what the problem is here? As I say, the OH generated using RH6 works perfectly - so am leaning towards a RH7 issue - I didn't get any error messages or warnings when generating but did notice, when I put a link on our interal intranet to the OH, the 'Contents' pane does not appear on the left-hand side - the 'Search' and 'Index' panes are available. If I open the Online Help locally, I see all 3 panes (as usual and as selected when generating).

      All help and suggestions welcomed gratefully.