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    Duplicating a button with actions


      I am new to Edge Animate, but not to the Adobe products.  I have been searching online for an answer that would be relevant to my question, but no luck so far.  Basically, I am trying to animate some hot spots on a map so that when you click on the button/toggle, it pops up with a text box with some info in it.  I am trying to duplicate this set up so that I can easily populate the map with my toggles, and just change some text in each different box. 


      The way I have it set up now is as described here:

      I have an "image holder" with some actions that tells it to switch png's and to open a text bubble.

      I have a "mouseover", "mouseout", and a "click" action.

      I have the text bubble and text in a group, animated to turn on and off when the button is clicked.


      I can provide more details if necessary.  I appreciate the help.