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    Creating both a DVD and multiple short (youtube-style) clips in one go?


      I've used Premiere Elements (in my case version 11) many times to create short video clips, 3-5 minutes in length.  They all start with a recording from a video camera, often cutting and pasting, adding still images or freeze frames, sometimes overlaying different audio, adding spoken commentary, adding titles, fading in an out.  Lots of work, but some practice it can get done.


      This time I have to do something trickier.  I have a long recording (over 2 hours), which is the video of the Christmas concert of an amateur band.  I want to turn it into as movie-length DVD, fundamentally replacing the audio with a high-quality version. The only new skill is adding scene selection menu entries, not a problem.  But: I also want to be able to export the same content as a set of about 20 short video clips, in a format suitable for uploading to youtube.  That's because some people will want to watch the concert as a full-length DVD, while others are interested in just a piece here or there.

      How can I use fundamentally the same editing work for two separate purposes, with minimal overlap?  The brainless way would be to create a large set of separate Elements projects, one for the full-length DVD, and then one each for every piece, and do all the editing twice.  Sounds very wasteful.  Better ideas?


      (Same question is in the "tips&tricks" section ... don't know what place is the correct one to ask.)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          2 hours might be too long for a DVD. Most standard DVDs can hold about 80 minutes of video at full quality. If you've got the Fit to Disc option checked, you may be able to squeeze more on -- but there's no guarantee you'll be able to successfully create a disc from all of that footage. It may work -- but be prepared for the fact that it might well not, and the length of the movie will be the reason why. (You do have the option of outputting to a dual-layer disc, but that has its own technical challenges.)


          You won't be able to output your video in segments directly to YouTube -- but you can output segments of your video and then manually load them to YouTube. How you do that exactly depends on which version of the program you're using. (You don't say.) I go into detail in how to do this in each particular version in my books, available on Amazon.


          In version 14, you'll output each segment by positioning the Work Area Bar (the gray bar along the top of the timeline in Expert view) over the segment you want to output. Then, on Export & Share, select Device/Computer/HD 720 and the MP4-H.264 format -- and make sure that you have the option to output the Work Area Bar Only checked.


          Do this for each segment.

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            ralphbsz Level 1

            Hmm, 80 minutes only?  That's going to be skin tight.  I might have to split the footage into two "movies".  This is the Christmas concert of a college band program, with 4 separate bands.  With intermission, the overall concert took 2 and a half hours, and I had the video camera running continuously.  There are roughly 20 pieces being played.  I need to make a complete inventory of how long each piece is, how much of the setup and applause I want to capture, and see whether it fits.


            More importantly, regarding the splitting: I'm still on Elements Premiere 11, have never bothered to upgrade.  Maybe I should.  I'll see whether I can find your books at the library today (that's the fastest way of reading them!), if not I'll order them online.  I had another idea that might work: First create the long version, containing all the pieces, suitable for preparing the "movie" (or two).  Make sure it is perfect.  Then make 20 copies of it (just of the project files, not of the raw media obviously), one for each piece (=youtube clip), and then on each copy delete everything before and after the desired clip.  Then render the all.  This might work too.

            Thanks for the tips!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You should be able to do the same thing with version 11, ralph.


              Just output each segment using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the YouTube HD preset -- and, as above, make sure you have the option to Share Work Area Bar Only checked to output each segment.


              To me, outputting all of these short segments and then manually loading them up to YouTube seems much simpler (and less prone to problems) than creating 20 trimmed projects so that you can use the directly to YouTube uploader -- but the results should be the same.