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    How do I animate a drawing so its drawn on screen for a web background?




      I am really not sure right now where to start with this, what I am trying to find out is how would I go about creating a type of line drawing animation that I can site in the background of a webpage? I am not even sure if AE is the right application!


      I would be looking to animate a drawing like this http://block9architects.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/2/files/2013/05/dundee-lochee-high-street -regeneration-shop-elevation-context.jpg  I am thinking about the drawing starting in the lower left corner and finishing in the top right, so its more about some magic to make it look as though its being drawn without the hand or pencil etc in a 5 second transition.


      Any pointers of what tools or where to look would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you