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    Lightroom Mobile speed flagging


      So it appears that speed flagging (swiping up or down) is broken in the latest release. Any chance we can get this fixed as its really useful!

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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)




          What is the OS ?

          What is the exact version of Lightroom Mobile ?




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            greule Adobe Employee

            We had a couple of reports that the flagging+rating was  accidentally triggered.

            Therefore within the latest version you have to navigate to the curate room to work on flagging+rating.


            Would that work for you?



            - Guido

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              I actually prefer the old way. If i want to make adjustments and flag/rate I now have to keep going back and forth

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                PLEASE change it back to the way it was As Soon As Possible!  Being able to "Speed Flag" while editing (mostly cropping for me) is extremely efficient.  Not having this feature makes it very clumsy to use. I have been very frustrated the past couple of days trying to figure out what was wrong with the application before searching to find out if others were having the same problem.  It appears that I am not the only one that is greatly missing this functionality.  I have been heavily using the mobile version on the iPad for several months, but find myself revering to my laptop until the you restore this functionality.  Rather than removing the functionality, maybe an option to turn it on/off would have been a better fix for those wanting it turned off.


                In the mean time, is there a way you could republish the previous version of the App so we could have this feature back while you are fixing the current version?



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                  Hi, please could you add this feature back.   As having 1000's of photos to edit each weekend, it was a quick and useful feature!


                  As the last comment an option to turn on/off would be better!  



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                    Please bring this feature back! My photo editing process is completely inefficient without being able to flag photos while in the filmstrip view.

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                      Thank you for doing this. The issue arises because, previously, if you passed your Phone or Pad to an unskilled user to view your Lightroom Mobile photos they could accidentally change your flags and, more importantly, your carefully input photo ratings while flicking between them - it was actually very easy for an unskilled user to do this and, as a result, it was a serious problem. Thankfully, this is now fixed in the latest (Jan 2016) release.


                      Re the negative responses from other users about this fix, why not put the option to turn on or off "speed flagging"/"speed rating" in the main preferences menu for Lightroom Mobile? This must be easy to do and it would allow users to choose whether they want the facility to be available to them all the time (i.e. without having to turn it on or off for individual photos - i.e. as it was) or, to turn it off for all photos (i.e. to avoid accidental changes to any photos by unskilled users). Seems to me that this change would make everyone happy...